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Updating The Theme

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When we release new updates for Acacio WordPress Theme, ThemeForest will notify you about it through email.

There are two methods to update Acacio WordPress Theme.

One is the Automatic Updates and another one is the Manual Updates. We don’t recommend manual approach. The best way to update your theme is to use Automatic Updates.

Automatic Updates

To use the automatic updates feature, you need to install the Envato Market plugin. This plugin should already be installed on your website during the intial theme setup process. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can do that now through this link

To install this plugin, go to Plugins > Add New and then select the plugin to install and activate it.

Once installed and activated, just add your Themeforest Account Username and API Personal Token (You can get this token from the Envato API site )

After you configure the above settings, you will recieve update notifications inside your WordPress dashboard and you can update your theme with a single click whenever an update is released.

For more detailed guide about its configuration, check this guide

Manual Update

Download the new theme package from your Themeforest account. Now delete your old parent theme from your WordPress admin area and upload the new updated theme manually as described in the Theme Installation > Installing Theme section above.

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