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Hosting Requirements

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Web hosting is the service that allows individuals and organizations to publish their website or web application on the internet. In other words, web hosting is the process of storing website files, including HTML, CSS, images, videos, and other content, on a web server that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

Web hosting providers offer different types of hosting plans to suit the needs of different websites. These plans can vary in terms of storage space, bandwidth, security, and other features. Some common types of web hosting include:

  1. Shared Hosting (We don’t recommend Shared Hosts due to their poor speed and performance. Commonly known for having Theme Demo Data Import Problems)
  2. Cloud Hosting (Highly Recommend)
  3. Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) (Highly Recommend)
  4. Dedicated Hosting (Highly Recommend)

If you are using a Shared Hosting and facing import issues, try increasing the server limits by setting the values as displayed below:

upload_max_filesize (512M)
max_input_time (600)
memory_limit (512M)
max_execution_time (600)
post_max_size (512M)
max_input_vars = 10000

You can ask your Hosting Company to do it for you or you can follow this article to do it by yourself.

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