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The Vienna Theme Options allows you to customize your website colors, fonts and settings with ease.

General – You can manage all the basic theme settings here such as sidebar, coming soon, copyright, preloader, etc.

Header – You can set your logo and header layout in this setting.

Typography – Set your website fonts here.

Social – Add your brand social links here.

Theme Color – Adjust your website’s color scheme over here.

Blog – Manage blog and post settings over here.

Portfolio – Manage portfolio page and portfolio individual items setting over here.

Events – Manage events page and event individual items setting over here.

Clients – Manage client post type setting over here.

Ecommerce – Control WooCommerce settings over here.

Footer – Adjust your website footer options over here.

Custom Javascript – Add custom js code over here if you have any.

404 Page – Adjust 404 Error page settings here.

Backup – All import and export theme related options can be found here.














If you need more detailed information on Theme Options, continue reading below: Some options are not explained in detail as they are self explanatory.


Show sidebar on pages (Post and Blog) – Select where you want to display the sidebar

Enable lazy load – Enable or Disable lazy load option on pages. Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport will not be loaded before user scrolls to them. This option is available for Images and Maps

Enable Coming Soon – Click on to enable coming soon and select the coming soon page which you have built.
Redirect on the select page when site loading

Enable Copyright – Insert your copyright text here.

Enable Sound – Enable or Disable sound option.

Preloader – Enable or Disable preloader for your website. (Turning off the animation which displays when the page’s content is loading.)

Type of Preloader – Select your preloader type: text, image, or spinner

Text for Preloader – the preloader text (will be displayed while the page is loading up). If you want to add custom text, please use Text preloader type option.


Header / Menu Style – Choose the header layout style.

Menu in container – Enable or Disable this option

Enable mobile menu for tablet – Enable mobile menu from width 1024px

Type of site logo – Select image or text logo type. Based on your selection, you will get more options to set the logo.

Add about section on mobile – This option enable about section in header for classic menu


Blog Style – Select the layout style for the blog.

Blog Title – Enter title for blog page

Show posts from not all categories?– This option allows show posts in blog from not all categories

Transparent header for single post – Turning on transparent header for single post

Tags in posts – Display tags in posts

Categories in posts – Display categories in posts

Author in post details page – Display author in post details page

Show Biographical Info from Users profile – Display biographical info from user’s profile in post details page

Disable User’s first and last name in post details page – Don’t display author first and last name in post details page

Disable User’s username in post details page – Don’t display author username in post details page


Social sharing in portfolio (for all posts) – Enable/disable social sharing in portfolio

Navigation in portfolio (for all posts) –Β Enable/disable Navigation in portfolio

Portfolio Protected text: Enter the Portfolio Protected text here

Portfolio Url Slug:Β Enter Portfolio Url Category Slug.

Portfolio Url Category Slug:Β Enter Portfolio Url Category Slug.


Text for canceled events – Add text for label in cancelled events

Text for Postponed events – Add text for label in postponed events

Subtitle for Protected events – Enter text for Protected events page

Navigation in events (for all posts) – Display navigation buttons (for all events)


Select count of columns for clients albums page – Choose count of columns for albums in clients page

Select hover for clients albums page – Choose hover for albums in clients page


Enable shop cart in menu? – Enable/disable to display/hide shop cart button in menu

Enable Sidebar on Shop (product list page) -Enable/disable to display/hide sidebar on shop page (product list page)

Enable Sidebar on Product Detail Page – Enable/disable to display/hide the sidebar on the product detail page

Enable Socials share on product detail page – Enable/disable to display/hide social sharing buttons


Footer style – chose between modern and classic styles

Enable footer copyright – click on to add copyright text

Enable Footer Menu – Turning on Footer menu

Enable Footer widgets – click on to add widgets

Copyright text – enter copyright text for footer

Enable Parallax Footer – click on to enable parallax effect

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